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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a website cost ?

Thames Valley Graphics will meet with you and discuss what it is you need, and what your business or organization advertising budget can afford. Prices are simply based on the complexity of the website and always' vary from business to business. Having said that, because we are a small designing firm, and our prices are a fraction of what larger website designers normally charge.

Q: Does my business even need a website ?

I've heard many small business owners say they think they "should" get a Website. They're not quite sure what they'll do with one, but they've been told they should have one. In most cases they're right. A website can be an important marketing tool for almost every small business.

There's no question that a website is more mission critical for some businesses than others. Companies trying to reach customers in different locations (think hotels or tourist attractions) or who have products that can be shipped to customers far away (think flowers, handmade dolls, telephones, etc.) obviously need to have an online presence. But local businesses (dry cleaners or shoe repair shops, for example) also can benefit from a Web site that shows their location, lists their services or offers special promotions.

And woe to those who think they don't need a compelling Web site because they serve other businesses rather than retail consumers. Many businesses search for new suppliers online, then order from them that way, too.

In short, if you want more customers, you should be online, regardless of your industry.

Q: How long does it take to get my website completed and online ?

After meeting with you, and listening to your ideas and needs, the process of designing the website takes off. CSS website's can be completed in 1 week if all the information has been gathered, and your completely satisfied with the design and layout.. Flash website's can take a little longer due to the complexity.

Q: Can I update my website ?

Due to software requirements, and some past experiences, Thames Valley Graphics supplies full support for all the required updates to your website. This insures that your update is done quickly and properly without errors. Depending how often this is done determines any extra cost above the yearly management fees. However, In most cases there is no extra cost.

If you have any questions that haven't been answered here, please don't hesitate to call or email us. We're happy to answer any inquires you may have. Contact >>

News & Events

  • 1st / July / 2010 Get $100.00 deducted from your yearly content management fee for directing customers to Thames Valley Graphics. contact >>

  • 31st / December / 2009 We'd like to thank all the customers we had the pleasure of working with in 2009. Best wishes for your business in 2010 !

  • 16th / September / 2009 Thames Valley Graphics is established. A big Thank You to Cheryl and the staff at the Oxford Small Business Support Center in Ingersoll ON, as well as the support from our friends and family for making this possible.

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Using the internet to promote Instant Tree was something we've thought about a lot lately, but how to get the website started and designed scared the life out of us ! When we contacted Thames Valley Graphics, they used our ideas, and it took them less than a week to produce our current layout and we couldn't be happier ! We are so glad we called Thames Valley Graphics, Thanks !

Jim McHugh - Instant Tree

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